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This 23 acres of fertile valley is home to a variety of animals
and fowl which supply fibre, food and fun for workers and visitors alike.


Located one mile from the Village Bay Ferry Terminal, directly below Mount Parke, Meadowmist Farm was once a portion of the Deacon farm which belonged to Wilbert Deacon's grandparents and later to his uncle Dalton. Since 1988 sheep and goats have been the primary animals grazing and browsing the acreage.


The sheep are a Romney/Suffolk cross with some serendipitous longer fibre from an unknown ancestor. Most are coloured having been bred to black rams for several generations. They provide lamb for food and fibre for wool which is sent away for processing and returned as yarn for knitting, rovings for spinning, felting and locker-hooking, readymade socks and batts for pillows and quilting. Sheepskin and woolen products and novelties include bicycle seat covers, seat belt covers, pelts washable, white and natural colours.

The goats are a Saanen/Nubian cross, both good dairy breeds. As well as a source of milk, cheese and chevon (goat meat), goatsmilk soap is a wonderful, creamy, non-allergenic by-product. Due to their natural curiosity and sociability, goats are very good companions.

Saanen goats

The neutered males, known as wethers , grow larger than the females and can be trained as packgoats as well as to harness. Harness goats were once very common in Great Britain and can pull up to 1 1/2 times their weight. Packgoats can carry 1/3 of their weight and have been used for expeditions in the mountains of Wyoming. They are becoming popular with 4H groups and hiking groups in the United States and the boys here at Meadowmist Farm are in training.

Goat Packing


Occasionally pigs are raised when there is an abundance of goatsmilk.



Chickens are productive with large brown eggs and the colourful green egg (from turquoise to olive) from the Araucana, a novelty bird originating in Chile. Giant Cornish hens are also raised seasonally as fryer and roaster meat birds. The chickens are fed additional canola and flax which aids in the metabolizing of omega-3 both for the chicken and in the eggs.


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Minimal contribution of $10.00 for a group admission plus a tooney per person
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Thanks for a relaxing time in this special place. We will remember this forever! -
J & P, Melbourne, Australia

Wir lieben deine kleine Farme! Vielen, vielen dank fur die grossartige gastfreundschaft. - E & W, Munich, West German

Thanks for the island tour and the day of friendship and "no shoulds". -
G.M, Vancouver, Canada

Thank you for the fantastic two days. Sleeping under the stars was beautiful. -
A.P., West Vancouver, Canada

"Stunning scenery" - love the green hues. Particularly enjoy the warmth of the hospitality.
P & P, Ballarat, Australia

Thanks again for another wonderful day full of baby lambs, tractor rides, sunshine and fresh island air.
C, M, J, & K, Victoria, B.C.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day. I’ve enjoyed the occasion so much that I’m considering a career in farming!
AB, Southampton, England

It was pure enchantment, grace and bliss to be with you in the midst of your vision-come-true world. Thank you.
LL, Vancouver, B.C.

What a wonderful morning....a beautiful place for children, animals and living beings in general. Many thanks.
J, B & M. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Remember us, we want you to win the prize for the "best eggs".
I &C, Mexico

Bon, par au commencer...her!...Your farm has been a very fun place to work and a nice home. You have been a good Boss!! You do a lot of great things with your farm stuff. Thank you for everything.
JC, Quebec

What a ‘wonderful place’. Thank you for sharing your farm with us.
C, J, A & H, Encino, California

Thank you for the tour.
YWW & E, Taiwan

Thanks for letting me swim in the pond!
C, Vancouver, B.C.

Wow! Green eggs!
DS, Quebec

Beautiful farm! Lovely soaps!
AK, Peachland, B.C.

Loved the goats eating strawberries.
L & LF, Mill Bay, B.C

It’s great for the children to see where their food comes from. Thanks so much for the tour.
M-F, L,S & V, Vancouver, B.C.


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